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Overwhelmed and unsupported?

Wanting to find balance with work and life?

Looking to connect with people better?

Interested in meditation?

Meditation coaching for driven professionals with audacious goals.

Kindly Cut The Crap

Finding balance in life is hard - but not impossible.

The pull for attention from work, apps and emails are hard to resist. You try to keep up with the latest news and feel you’re not working hard enough. Be held accountable to reach your goals

Addicted to being online

What is it that makes you want to keep connected?

Inconsistent exercise routine

The intention is there but somehow it doesn’t happen.

Overwhelmed with thoughts

Meditation is a way to help. But you maintain the habit.

Eating an unhealthy diet

When you’re tired or want to reward yourself, how to resist the urge?

Clarity through meditation

It’s not until you get the right question that you get the right answer.

To achieve goals, they need to be realistic, practical and manageable. By working through your goals and having a meditation practice to achieve the goals you will be supported during and between sessions. 


Work with me through tried and true methods of habit building and live the life you seek to live. I'll keep you on track. 

About me


Here's a 30 minute interview on burnout with Amber Daines on the Politics of Everything. 

Here's a 1 hour interview about Buddhism:

and a 10 minute excerpt on happiness:



Initial Query

Book a 30-minute discovery call to:

  • understand what's going on for you

  • see what I'm like to work with

  • gain an idea of how I work

  • know whether I 'get' you and that you feel seen, heard and understood.  


Check your email account for a Zoom link

The discovery call will take place via Zoom so please check your email account before we meet. If you lose the email or invite, please send a query via the contact box. 

Google automatically inserts a Meet link but please ignore it. 

At the end of the session, I'll send you a PDF of the Introduction and Chapter 1 of John Makransky's Awakening through love to read. Please go to the Meditation page for why I use this book.


During each session

I listen to how your meditation practice is going, whether it's difficult to set up a  routine and what emotional defenses are arising. We unpack them one by one. 


Most people would like to meditate and don't know how to navigate these challenges which is why they stop meditating. The most common reason is 'I don't have time' which we work through. 

A free 30-minute consult to unlock your most pressing problem

Where are the gaps in your knowledge of what’s stopping you to achieve your goals? I want to hear where you’re up to.

Kindly Cut The Crap

" The sessions with Wendy brought me some clarity to the most critical issues keeping me from being a healthier and happier me. She helped me with the first steps towards a less complicated life, not with spoonfed solutions, but always with the right questions and tools for reflection. "

Small business owner

" Wendy finds problem habits with laser focus. She helped me to identify behaviours that were holding back my productivity. She not only offered me solutions but helped me to understand the psychological reasons behind the behaviours. "

CEO, Artificial Intelligence Startup

"Wendy helped me gain clarity around what I should be focusing on. Amazingly I've been able to remove the distractions from my day to day life, giving space to focus on the things that give me most joy and fulfilment."

Creative Studio, Brand Design Studio

What is meditation coaching?

Meditation coaching is to support you with achieving your goals. My approach is to focus on the positives to ensure you work towards reaching your mind and body well-being goals with an optimistic mindset. I ask questions, listen to your responses and see where the emotional, habitual and physical challenges are, and keep you to account. 

I find that people are unaware of how many factors are influencing their burnout behaviours and I highlight how to work with these factors. I help them understand and manage them so they feel less tired and more relaxed about life.

The business is registered in Ashfield, Sydney and I work with clients online. Early morning appointments are available.

Here's an excerpt of a recent interview:


Goal setting

To reach your well-being goals, you need to know what they are. Use my proven method to set and achieve goals.


Habit creation

We take one of your mind-body goals and see where it would fit in your life. Ease into a new, healthier life.


Align your focus

Define your values. How do your behaviours reflect your values? Consistency is key to everything.


Preparing your body and mind for the future

Think about how you’d like to be in 5 years. Plan the steps you’re taking in this moment to make that a reality.



Build a mechanism to ensure you’re meeting your well-being goals. Keep track of your important mind-body goals.


A safe space

We all need a place to let our guard down. Let off some emotional steam to balance out your life.

Book a Free Consult

I am here to help you live a more balanced life. You’re welcome to contact me to find a way for you to run your life more effectively to achieve your business goals.

Book a free consultation to see if we're a good fit.

Here's an excerpt of a recent interview:

"Wendy is a great observer and has a master talent for holding space to allows for comfortable sharing and honest conversations. Our sessions have found me feeling at ease with things I have been struggling with for months and years in both my career and personal life. Through her careful understanding of the nuances of my daily routine, work life, and future goals, she helped me almost immediately by providing me with recognition of the problems and then the methods to address them. Her approach is very respectful, light hearted but honest and through this we arrived at several observations together, leading me toward a greater awareness of self."

— Jayden, Project Manager

Book a Call


Wendy Nash

I have a 4-year diploma of somatic psychotherapy, a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) degree and 17 years of ongoing meditation practice and Buddhist study to understand how we can change our lives. I apply what I have learnt in my own journey through becoming happy in daily life despite the death of family members at a young age.


I lost 17kg over a 3-year period and have kept it off for 25 years. I’ve always tried to do some kind of exercise even though I don’t like it and recently completed the NHS 9-week program to run for 30 minutes every second day (Couch to 5k).

Examples of client results I have achieved:

  • Helped clients regain their weekends and nights

  • Increase their productivity at work and reduce the frequency of sitting in front of the screen being resentful and ineffective

  • Improving sleep quality

  • Eating less junk food

  • Increasing exercise frequency

  • Commit to a digital detox

  • Suggested simple ways to improve conversations

Clients have included a range of clients including CEOs, entrepreneurs, fundraisers and recent university graduates.

Wendy Nash


Lessons from a Meditation Coach

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